Public Holidays in Ethiopia

Public holidays are celebrated according to the Ethiopian (Julian) Calendar which consists of twelve months of thirty days each and a thirteenth month of five days (six days in leap year). The calendar is seven years behind the Western or Gregorian Calendar, with New Year falling in the month of September. Sunday is the weekly day of rest.

  • September 11 Ethiopian New Year
  • September 26 The finding of the True Cross (Meskal)
  • October 2 Id ul Fitr (Ramadhan)
  • December 9 Id ul Adha (Sacrifice)
  • January 8 Ethiopian Christmas
  • January 20 Ethiopian Epiphany
  • March 2 Victory of Adwa
  • March 20 Birth of Prophet Mohammed (Mauwlid)
  • April 25 Ethiopian Good Friday
  • April 27 Ethiopian Easter
  • May 1 International Labour Day
  • May 5 Ethiopian patriots? victory day
  • May 28 Downfall of the Dergue Regime

The holidays of Id al Fater and Id al Adaha and the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.) are subject to moon sightings.