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Ethiopian festival

Ethiopian festival

The Christmas celebration in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is called Ganna, and many followers go to Church on Christmas day. Many people fast (deprive themselves from any meal) on Christmas Eve (January 6th), and at…
EPIPHANY “Timket”…..This fiesta is the Ethiopian Orthodox celebration of Epiphany and worships Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan. Although the fiesta is observed by orthodox Christians all over the globe, in Ethiopia it takes on…
Meskal has been celebrated in the country for over 1600 years. Many of the rites observed throughout the festival are said to be directly connected to the legend of Empress Helena. On the eve of…
Ethiopia still retains the Julian calendar, in which the year is divided into 12 months of 30 days each and a 13th month of 5 days and 6 days in leap year. The spring festival…

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