The people of omo

The Gamu Gofa area of the Omo basin has no less than 22 different ethnic groups. Those of the lower Omo Valley are the most remote and traditional in their ways. Thus the Mursi are known by their lip plates and the Ari by their women’s grass skirts. The Dorze, on the other hand, are characterized by their igloo-like one-piece house woven from bamboo.

The Bena and Hamer inhabit the high ground on the approaches to the Omo and are more committed agriculturists. They are perhaps the most captivating groups both by their physical appearance and friendly spirit.
The Karo and the Tsemaye (who are further to the east and share the Weyto River Valley with the Erbore or Hor) are the smallest and most threatened groups, their numbers not exceeding 1,000 households each.

Surma is an exotic, exclusive land, situated on the Southern side of Ethiopia, in the Bench-Maji Zone. The Surma tribes are divided into three major groups, viz. Surma Ted, Surma Bali and Surma Zilmamo. These groups of people speak the same language but their appearance gives them a slight differentiation. Surma is ideal for adventurous travelers, and is a land that is worth


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